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Facial Skincare Routine (Rutin Penjagaan Kulit Wajah) for Malaysian Skin

Assalamualaikum and hi!

This entry will be different than before. Forget about cats for a while. Now, I am going to write about skincare. I find it's funny because it is me who talk about skincare. #jangankecamsis
I just want to share what the things I know about beauty. Firstly, I just focusing on the part that we always see first: Face. Step to make sure our face flawless and glowing is easy. The step is :


Washing the face is just a basic thing. This should be enough for non-problematic skin, unless you are wearing make up. No need to put anything on your face after that. Cleanse your face with facial cleanser, washing face with only water are not helping in cleaning your skin.  Avoid using bar soap or body wash. This kind of soap usually have high pH. High Ph can damage acid mantle that have been functioning to protect our skin from bacteria. Low pH cleanser normally comes in tube. Best pH cleanser in range 5-6.

Steps of Facial Skincare (Langkah-Langkah Penjagaan Wajah)

This following steps are only for problematic skin such as dry to super dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and acne prone skin.  For non-problematic+normal skin people, please stay away from this steps. Basic steps are:
  1. Cleanse - I am already explain above, this is the basic of basic of basic steps. Choose cleansers that suitable with your own skin types. Oily skin may get along with foam cleanser. Dry skin should be clean by less foam cleanser. Acne prone skin could be use anti blemish cleanser.

  2. Simple toner. Example of toner. (source)
  3. Tone/Hydrate - After cleansing, we need toner or hydrating toner to prepare our skin for the next step. Normally, people use toner with cotton pad then swipe all over the face. Dirts can be seen on the cotton pad. Toner is suitable for oily skin and hydrating lotion is for dry skin. 
  4. Moisturise - Moisturiser is needed to keep moisture on your face. Oily skin people are not favour of moisturiser. Especially, people who live in tropical country. For dry skin people, this is compulsory for them. Oily skin should skip this step or use water based moisturiser. 
  5. Sunblock from Biore. Most beauty bloggers' holygrail. (source)
  6. Protect - This is the most important step. Whatever your problems are, please don't skip this SUNBLOCK / SUNSCREEN. You can skip toner or moisturiser but not  sunscreen. We need sunblock to protect our skin from UV rays. UV rays from the sun could damage into the deep layer of skin which makes your 'age spots' or 'sun sports' to be visible. I highly suggests use sunscreen contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide is highly recommended because it is known for low irritation to the skin and protect for full UVA and UVB rays
Additional steps:
Exfoliate/Scrub -  I've been questioning, does this step necessary. Cleanse is enough. But scrub is used for eliminating the dead skin cells. Why? Because our skin is generating in 28 days. So, we need to prepare space for the new skin cells to form. Exfoliate/Scrub should have done 2-3times per week. Oilier skin may need this often. Depends on the skin condition and products.

Mask - Needed to clean pores. Mask can be made from kitchen like vegetables, yogurt, fruits, honey and whatever. You can also buy it from stores. There are sheet mask, clay mask, peel off mask. Should be use after tone or cleanse about 15-30 minutes. Just use once or twice is enough.

Contoh cleansing oil dari Biore. Aku guna yang ini. (Source)
Cleansing oil / Makeup Remover - This is for people who are always wearing makeup. Cleansing oil is the best make up remover and also the first step to double cleansing, follow by foam cleanser. 

Serum, Essence, Ampoule, Emulsion, Milk - Everyone know how korean skincare routine works, this is what we called layering skincare. Main purpose is to hydrate and moist your skin to the maximum level. All of these things are just moisturiser but with more active ingredients, cocentration and MARKETING. This step is suitable to apply when we stay in a cold weather country. If you stay in Russia, of course you need this step. For Malaysian user, I recommend for those are looking for solution to certain problems. Example, if you have spots you need arbutin or vitamin c, dry skin need hyaluronic acid and wrinkles can be solve by retinol. But you can also found this ingredients in moisturiser/toner/hydrating lotion/cleanser. Why you need a lots of things to put on your face.

Treatments - Acne problem can be solved by treatment gels or creams. Acne or pimples are easy to get rid but the hardest one is scar. For acne, you can find products contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or sulfur. And the scar can be fade by Dermatix, Mederma, Hiruscar or you can just let it disappear by itself. Scar gels are just accelerating the fading process. Treatments should be apply after toner.

Eye cream - For those who are crazy for eyeshadow, eyeliner or any eye makeup, this thing is a MUST for you. Eye cream is not used to reduce dark circle. Dark circle can't be reduce unless you get enough sleep. Well, for people who are not interested in eye makeup, you can skip this. Ok. Bye eye cream.

Lipbalm - You don't want a dry, black color, or chapped lips. Put your lipbalm and then put vaseline to avoid any loss moisture on your lips.

Essential oils - Oils are good for dry skin. If you are too scared using moisturiser or you are too religious for 'natural/organic' products, you can just put oils to the skin. Oil cooking also can lah. I see a lots of people love argan oil. Argan oil is just the same level as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil or any non-comodegenic oil. Surprise me because mineral oil is non comodegenic, but maybe mineral oil does not contain certain 'benefits'. Beauty companies/ igers/ bloggers are selling argan oil because  it sounds so elegant, exclusive and sexy. And it is expensive. These are the best oils that I can think of are: jojoba oil, argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, sunflower seed oil, blackseed oil dan etc etc. Avoid using fragrance such as lavender oil or any citrus oil. Lavender is not good for skin though. (source).

Argan Oil. So sexy. (source)

'Natural/Organic' product?
There are millions skincare products in market. Please choose wisely. They claim the ingredients are 100% natural/organic. Let me tell you, 'Natural not always safe, synthetic not always harmful'. 100% natural are just on the label. There are cheap products are working as the same as 100% natural label products, Why? Because you pay for 100% natural/organic label. Such a waste. Same goes with hypoallergenic, non-comodegenic label (source).

Same goes with paraben. The contoversy are never ending. No research studies say parabens are dangerous. It was all just internet hyped. The worst thing about paraben is it gives irritation to skin but just a certain people with high dosage. Paraben used in the small amounts and it's really really weak. (Source). Fragrance is the only ingredient to avoid. Alcohol is acceptable in certain amount. Always look at the ingredient list before buying.

Bottom Line
As a Malaysian woman, I want to conclude that you don't need all of these steps. It's enough if you have Cleanser and Sunscreen. You can also skip the basic steps such as toner and moisturiser. I always read that most Korean need at least 10 skincare products. Look at the country, Korea is a cold climate country. They always need to hydrate their skin from time to time. Well, there are certain Malaysian suit with these layering skincare.

Application technique also play the role on a product effectiveness. While I was started using toner, I put toner on my palm and rub it to my face. Then, my face react negatively. After that, I just knew that toner must be used with cotton pad. For moisturiser, make sure the products fully absorb into skin. Just pat on to the face and slap gently until it dries. Same goes with serum, ampoule, emulsion, milk. 

I just stop here, thanks for reading from the start until the end. I am not a beauty expert, this is just my hones opinion and few tips. 

Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Correct me if I'm wrong. 


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Makanan Kucing dan Recommendations


Entry lepas bercerita pasal kucing. Kali ini kita sembang tentang makanannya pulak. Dah ada kucing, mesti ada makanannya. Huehuehue

Ada di antara kita beli makanan kucing di kedai runcit, supermaket, petshop, ada yang dapat ihsan derma atau ada yang beli ikan segar murah kat pasar. Makanan kucing ada dua jenis,
1. Dry food atau dipanggil kibbles
2. Wetfood
For me, kibbles wajib ada dalam bekas makanan. Kucing ni bukannya faham bahasa. Untunglah kalau kucing korang dapat kata 'I'm hungry, please feed me'. Hakikatnya yang keluar dari mulut kucing hanyalah 'nyanyau'. Because of language barrier, silalah pastikan dry food sentiasa ada dalam bekas 24 hours

Ini dia kategori-kateogri makanan kucing (untuk kibbles):

1. Holistik/Super premium
*Apa benda pulak holistik ni. Makanan kucing pun nak berholistik bagai.*
Kategori ni adalah yang paling mahal sebab tak campur streoids, gandum, soya, pewarna, by-products etc. Selalunya mengandungi at least 30% protein dari daging haiwan (macam ayam, kobau, rusa, itik, kambing, lombu etc). Untunglah kucing-kucing dapat makan daging.
Cara nak tau holistik ke tidak, tgk kat ingredients. First ingredients should be meat.
Contoh senarai ingredients:-

  • Orijen (Cats & Kitten): Fresh boneless chicken*, chicken meal, fresh boneless salmon*, turkey meal, fresh chicken liver*, herring meal,) *fresh tidak pernah dibekukan
  • Taste of the wilds (Canyon River Feline)Trout, ocean fish meal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, canola oil 
  • Acana (Wild Praire Cat & Kitten): Boneless chicken*, chicken meal, turkey meal, boneless turkey*, chicken fat
Kebiasaannya ditulis chicken meal as the 1st ingredients, pastikan ada 30%-80% protein dan dilabel sebagai Grain-free. Makanan kucing holistik hanya boleh didapati di petshop atau korang boleh order dari pembekal.

Inilah Orijen. Untuk kucing dewasa dan kittens

2. Premium
Makanan dalam kategori ni lagi murah dari holistik. Hanya mengandungi 30-33% protein. Dicampur gandum, soya, by-products. Senang kata ia tak dilabel sebangai grain-free. Dan tidak dicampur pewarna. Dengan syarat, 1st ingredients should be meat. Contoh premium brand:-
  • Blackwood (Adult Catfood): Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Ground Grain Sorghum, Millet
  • Iams (Healthy Adult Original): Chicken, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Meal, Brewers Rice, Dried Beet Pulp
  • Royal Canin (Adult Fit 32) : Chicken meal, brown rice, corn, corn gluten meal, chicken fat
Premium cat food hanya boleh dibeli di petshop atau boleh order dari pembekal.

Royal Canin adult. Brand yang agak famous

3. Komersial
Kategori ini tak perlu diperkatakan lagi. Jenama yang biasa didengar dan senang didapati di supermarket mahupun kedai runcit. Ciri-ciri makanan kucing komersial adalah ia sentiasa diiklankan dimana-mana. Kebiasaanya, makanan ni hanya mempunyai 30% protein atau kurang, bahan-bahannya penuh dengan gandum, corn, by-products
Contoh brand komersial (menipu kalau korang tak pernah dengar):-
  • Whiskas (Chicken & Turkey flavour) : Poultry by product-meal (Source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin sulfate), Ground yellow corn, Ground wheat, Corn gluten meal, Soybean meal, Animal fat (Preserved with bha and citric acid)
  • Friskies 7: Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal, soybean meal
  • Prodiet Ocean Fish Dry: Fish Meal (Ocean Fish), Corn, Soybean Meal, Rice, Poultry Meal, Corn Gluten
Korang tak perlu bersusah payah call pembekal untuk place order. Pergi je kedai runcit berdekatan seperti 99 speed mart, tujuhsebelas, mydin. Jangan cari kat kedai kasut pulak. Tak pasal-pasal ada tapak kaki kat muka korang.

My POV & Recommendations

Antara 3 kategori kibbles di atas, nampak macam holistik paling terbaik untuk kucing kesayangan korang. Memang nampak terbaik sebab tak mengandungi fillers iaitu karbohidrat yang membuatkan kucing cepat kenyang. Kucing adalah haiwan karnivor yang sememangnya perlu makan daging/ikan. Nak bagi makan sayur, coklat, keju, minum air sirap (occasionally) pun boleh tetapi jangan lupa sentiasa bagi protein dari daging/ikan. Anggap kita tak makan seharian, badan dah menggelupur, macam tu la kucing bila tak dapat makan daging lebih 6 hari (untunglah perut kucing boleh tahan 6 hari). Tak semestinya makanan holistik bagus dan tak semestinya makanan komersial itu buruk untuk kucing. Sentiasa bagi minum air yang mencukupi untuk memudahkan sistem penghadaman dan elak dari dehydration.

Bukan semua orang mampu beli makanan premium apatah lagi holistik. Premium pun dah boleh buat gugur rambut inikan nak ke holistik. Sebelum membeli, check dulu label pada paket makanan. Paling rendah pun kandaungannya mesti 30% protein dan tidak ada warna. Kalau nampak kibbles tu semua warna coklat je, maknanya tak dicampur pewarna. Itulah selemah-lemah pilihan. Nak up sikit boleh tengok kat first ingredients must be chicken or chicken meal or something like that lar. Harga pun up sikit. Maybe between commercial and premium are the best choice.

Kita beralih pada wetfood pulak. Jangan bergantung pada kibbles je. Bagilah wetfood sehari sekali atau 2hari sekali. Wetfood yang paling best mestilah ikan segar atau ayam segar atau kobau segar atau lembu segar (aku pulak yang terliur) dari pasar. Untuk wetfood yang dijual dalam tin, aku boleh recommend 2 jenama yang elok dan affordable price: Qiut dan Maxwell. Dua jenama ni tak dipenuhi jelly. Rasanya takde jelly pun. Jenama lain pun ada yang elok macam Avoderm. Aku selalu beli Avoderm bila ada kucing sakit sebab penuh dengan isi ayam. Kelemahannya pricey.

Wetfood untuk kucing. Qiut & Maxwell

Semuanya bergantung pada bajet masing-masing. Aku harap informations yang disampaikan berguna dan terima kasih kerana membaca. Untuk maklumat lanjut boleh klik senarai dalam sumber rujukan.


Sumber rujukan:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kisah Kucing (Part 1)


Kalau tengok profile pic aku gambar kucing, tak bermakna aku ni sayang kucing. Aku cuma suka bela kucing je. Erk. Aku dah bela banyak kucing. Paling maksimum lebih 20 ekor. Tapi kebanyakannya tak hidup lama. Now, hanya tinggal 5 ekor je. You know why? Sebab kucing aku semua diletakkan diluar. Kalau aku ada rumah sendiri, InsyaAllah aku letak dalam rumah. Dengan keadaan sekarang yang masih menumpang rumah parents, terpaksa letak di luar. Lagipun kat luar banyak tempat si bulu-bulu ni boleh lepak. Nak lepak tepi tayar ke, dalam longkang ke, nak lepak dengan anjing ke, suka hati whiskas doranglah. Tapi ada risiko sangat tinggi untuk mati awal. Banyak faktornya: virus, dilanggar kenderaan, disepak, didera, ditangkap, dibunuh, diculik (eh, sama je macam manusia).
Mai la aku perkenalkan kucing aku sekor-sekor. Semua ada perangai masing-masing. Ada yang garang, ada yang gatal, ada yang garu-garu kepala.

Nano (left) and Tony (right)
Dua ekor kucing hitam putih kat atas ni anak beranak. Si Nano tu adalah ibu kepada Tony. Nano ni aku ambil kat UKM. Masa tu dia kecik dalam umur 4bulan kot. Nano ni dah 3kali beranak. Si Tony tu adalah anak sulung beliau. Dah selamat dimandulkan. Kalau tak mandul, lagi banyak kucing akan mati. Dia adalah satu-satunya kucing betina yang survive di rumah kami. Anak-anaknya yang tinggal hanya 2 ekor je. Sedih ok.

Tony... Hensem kan iols.

Kucing yang perasan kacak ni namanya Tony. Dilahirkan pada Feb 2014. Memang tak suka melekat kat rumah. Sentiasa mencari kawasan dan awek untuk dijajah. Selalu dijumpai tidur tepi tayar kereta, tak kisahlah kereta apa, asal duk tepi tayar je lena (i'm a bit worry about this). Agak pengecut juga bila jumpa kucing liar yang ajak bergusti. Muka nampak je innocent padahal dia selalu whatever je bila jumpa manusia.

Kucing-kucing yang lain akan ku ceritakan pada entry lain. Panjang sangat dah ni wei. Cerita pasal kucing ni perlu banyak entry rupanya. 

Lastly, nak bagitahu. Bila korang makan kat kedai makan dan korang ternampak ada kucing duk tepi mengiau/tak mengiau, bagilah secebis makanan padanya. Lepas bagi, korang tengok kucing tu mengiau kat korang balik ke tidak. Selalunya dia akan mengiau sebagai ucapan terima kasih.




Ini blog baru aku. Belog lama aku sudah lama dipadam disebabkan rasa menyampah yang membuak2 bila aku baca balik entry post lama aku. Lepas padam, aku pun menyesal tak sudah. Patutnya aku privatekan je dulu. Bila dah rasa confident baru la boleh unprivatekan balik.

Actually, aku rasa aku perlu menaip untuk perbetulkan keadaan yang mana tak betul. Bak kata orang, menyuarakan hak rakyat la kononnya. Walaupun aku ni tak betul, perbetulkanlah aku. Aku ni manusia biasa yang masih berada dalam program pascasiswazah (postgraduate). Ceh, aku ni macam taknak habis belajar je. Nak jadi student selamanya. Muehehehe.

Akhir kata nantikanlah entry-entry yang penuh dengan ilmiah, emosi, drama, sentap, tutorial (cara-cara pakai jubah ke) dan review (korang nak review apa, bak mai habaq kat aku).